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Substance Abuse Therapy
Photo of a man silhouetted against a sunsetWhen we establish a relationship together, you will be provided a well-defined protocol for the successful assessment, diagnoses and treatment of your substance abuse concern. With over 25 years of experience specializing in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, I will provide you a standard of care that is the benchmark for alcohol abuse and drug abuse treatment in Denver. My professional posture combines well-honed knowledge and practical therapeutic skills specific to the vast array of primary presenting substance abuse concerns. The highest ethical standards will be observed in your care and your need for confidential treatment will be vigilantly protected. Most treatment programs try to fit you into their program format with a primary therapist that has varying levels of experience. The actual treatment you receive is a “role of the dice”. In sharp contrast, I will provide a consistency of quality care that is personalized to your unique needs. 

At our first meeting, I will conduct a substance use assessment, using a clinical interview and standardized testing as indicated.  For more details, please see the Evaluations page. When conducting the assessment, we will pay special attention to the way in which your substance use has impacted your life in the following areas; family, friends, educational, vocational, recreational, physical, sexual and spiritual. We will work together in identifying your pattern of substance use along a continuum, ranging from; abstinence to responsible use, misuse, abuse, habituation and addiction. You will be thoroughly educated in the understanding of any substance abuse diagnoses, the implications for treatment, the available treatment strategies and possible medication options that might be considered.

Following your assessment, I will assist you in the development of your own individualized treatment plan. You will identify goals for treatment that are measurable, observable and countable. This will provide you a specific goal driven plan for our work together, and your successful treatment. To achieve your substance abuse solution, we will use elements from a variety of proven substance abuse therapies to include; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Community Reinforcement Approach, Coping Skills Training and Progressive Relaxation Training.

I will assist you in understanding why you use substances and how they are harmful to you. You will learn the role that your feelings play in your substance abuse. Additionally, you will learn how to identify and express your feelings about both past and present events in a way that is direct, honest and appropriate, i.e. assertive. Through therapy you will learn how to resist substance using opportunities in a style that works for you. Specifically, you will be coached on how to identify potential relapse triggers before the triggers materialize into actual substance use.

We will establish contingency plans to add additional treatment options as the need might require. Reading, writing and video homework assignments will be provided as appropriate to your needs. Through the use of modeling, role-play and role-rehearsal, you will be taught how to assert yourself. This will provide you an opportunity to get your needs met more consistently and increase your self-confidence. Finally, you will be taught how to successfully incorporate exercise into your life, develop new support systems and recreational activities in the service of defining a substance abuse-free lifestyle. You will regain trust, self-respect, and self-esteem. Please see what other satisfied clients and colleagues have said on the Testimonials page.
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Denver Substance Abuse Solutions serves the following cities in metro Denver, Colorado: Aurora Bowmar Castlewood Cherry Hills Village Columbine Valley Englewood Glendale Greenwood Village Centennial Littleton Sheridan Highlands Ranch Castle Rock Parker Larkspur Lakewood Golden Arvada Westminster Wheat Ridge Northglenn Thornton Broomfield Brighton Boulder and Brighton.

Denver Substance Abuse Solutions provides substance abuse evaluations, substance abuse therapy for alcohol and drug abuse, marriage counseling, couples therapy and psychotherapy for depression, anxiety and a wide variety of human concerns.
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